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Our Family

Columbia Sun RV Resort is owned and operated by the Schlotfeldt family. The vision began in late 2010 for a destination RV Resort where families and friends of all ages could have fun and create memories. We also wanted a place to raise our kids and spend more time with them, all while teaching them useful skills and a good work ethic. You will see our children working around the resort today! 

Our Partner


Our vision expanded greatly when we partnered with our friend and business colleague, Lewis Zirkle. Dr. Zirkle is an orthopedic surgeon and founder of the nonprofit organization, SIGN Fracture Care International. SIGN Fracture Care gives the injured poor in developing countries access to orthopedic care by providing surgeons with education, equipment and orthopedic implants to do surgeries. With more than 50% of the world’s population living on $2.00 per day, a disabled family member who cannot work may drag the entire family further into poverty for as many as 3 generations. To date there have been 230,352 patients healed in 50 developing countries thru SIGN (Surgical Implant Generation Network) 

Completion of Columbia Sun RV Resort in August 23, 2013 paved a way for our partnership to give back on a humanitarian level by ear-marking a portion of our profits each year to SIGN. To date your patronage to Columbia Sun RV Resort has contributed to provide implants for 833 people to walk again. Thank you! Multiply patients healed by 3 generations and that’s how many lives have been changed for the better. For more information go to www.signfracturecare.org. 

Our Resort Hosts

Our resort hosts are the heart beat of Columbia Sun RV Resort. They were truly hidden treasure we hadn’t expected. The old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child”…. certainly applies for us because this is our village. Most hosts stay here except for a few young guns who fit in quite nicely and many were guests before they came to work for us. 

Columbia Sun hosts are major reason our guest keep coming back. Our hosts value and treat Columbia Sun as their home, family and community. They are the neighborhood watch, always keeping an eye on the resort and willing to lend a hand. They bring to the table skills and experience from previous careers. Our Hosts work very hard, including making improvements and leaving special touches that make Columbia Sun unique and beautiful. You never know what you will being doing when you become a hosts! If you are interested in becoming a resort host, please contact us for details.